chapter  13
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Return to Normal Operations

WithJim Rowan, Sharon Rowan

This chapter discusses how to get the company call handling back to normal operation. The whole purpose of ramping up the cold site is to provide the support systems for the call center. The call center, with its complex interactions of computers, telephony, and call-taking personnel, is the profit center for the company. The computers associated with the call center critical functions, including the automatic call distribution and Interactive voice response units, would have to be reloaded with the call management software. Once the recovery team in the new call center had confirmed that they had received the calls, then the call center manager would inform the assisting call center that had handed back call volume that the outsource personnel could then go on standby. If senior management decided to seek another site, the whole ramping-up process would take place again. However, with company operations proceeding well at the alternate site, the recovery team could proceed at a slower pace.