chapter  15
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Call Volume Management Issues

WithJim Rowan, Sharon Rowan

Call volume management is a comprehensive call pattern analysis that results in a customized solution to the emergency communication needs of a call center. Real-time overflow is a method by which a call-handling facility, normally an outsourcing overflow center, handles a number of difficult calls on a regular basis. Interim Call Handling (ICH) is a system that is set up such that the outsourcer would take a large number of relatively simple calls and process them. An ICH facility would handle call volume such as a sales call where the Customer service representative (CSR) could read from a script that was at the ICH facility, take the information, and input that information into a common database. While the client was traveling to a hot site facility, the direct CSR link could keep the client up-to-date with fast-changing information, and in contact with the client’s customers.