chapter  1
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Planning Philosophy

WithJim Rowan, Sharon Rowan

Senior management often underestimates the importance of the call center to a company. Specialized licensed services are done in a call center environment if there are more than five people communicating by telephone, all in the same offices, doing the same activity at the same time. The numbers of cable television (TV) subscribers who were frustrated by their inability to reach a live call center agent had grave consequences for the cable TV company revenues and subscriber base. The aim of a company planning to overcome a disaster to its call center should be to continue doing business even during a disaster. A disaster recovery or business resumption plan is better than nothing. But a business continuity plan conveys the ability to carry on doing business notwithstanding a disruption. The consequence of operating a call center, but not recognizing or naming it as such, is the real possibility that the call center might be ignored during business continuity planning.