chapter  17
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Other Uses for Your CVM Back-Up

WithJim Rowan, Sharon Rowan

Call volume management (CVM) techniques are not only useful to handle emergency overflow, high-volume call answer, or for disaster call routing, but can also use CVM techniques for reducing rates of abandoned calls. Tour operators, cruise lines, hoteliers, and operators of spas and resorts need to ensure that their call center is able to handle increased call volume starting with the Christmas rush and running through to March or April. Telco is just as able to report on call blocking on a fax or data line as on a telephone line reserved for regular use. E-mail is becoming a factor in sales sparked by customers looking over catalogs or Web sites, and this puts increased emphasis upon keeping computer equipment operational. The personal or humorous ones could be enjoyed better if saved to a disk or forwarded to a personal e-mail address to be printed out and read on the deck or balcony at home.