chapter  20
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Types of Testing

WithJim Rowan, Sharon Rowan

This chapter discusses the five different types of tests: the simulated input, physical verification, evacuation exercise, computer simulation, and full-function tactical evaluation tests. The simulated input operational evaluation is designed to test the overall accuracy of the checklists and other similar items. If the call center or other department needs backup disks or other pieces of equipment to function, that should be noted in the checklists. When testing that portion of the plan, the people going through the test should physically go and pick up necessary items such as the “to go” box or case. The people doing the test should go through step by step on the checklist, and physically make sure that all of the equipment that is required to hand over the calls and to shut down the call center is there. The people running the test should give inputs in real time, and they should stick to the scripted times.