chapter  25
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Continuity Planning for Your Call Center

WithJim Rowan, Sharon Rowan

This chapter describes the heart of call center continuity planning, the call volume management technique, for both emergency and real-time overflow. The call center that provides so much of the company revenue is an essential. Accounts receivable and payable functions are essentials. Fulfillment is an essential. The banks in disaster areas had a reduced demand for loans and other banking services, and a rise in customer service calls asking where branches that were open were located. A long-term disaster exacts a toll upon personnel, and some banks rotated their staff to keep them fresh. During the first storm of this disaster of infrastructure, the work orders for electrical service restoration to Central Maine Power subscribers had to be amended. For the first time ever, work orders had to include a new code, invented for the occasion, to give repair priority to customers who were “Trapped” by downed lines and poles blocking their doors and driveways.