chapter  9
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Control of Silica Scaling in Geothermal Systems Using Silica Inhibitors, Chemical Treatment, and Process Engineering

Worldwide output from geothermal sources has increased signi cantly over the past three decades. A total of 75% of the worldwide capacity increase is produced from about 20 sites with more than 100 MWe of installed generating capacity. These geothermal power projects convert the energy contained in hot rocks into electricity by using water to adsorb the heat from the rock and transport it to the earth’s surface, where it is converted to electrical energy through turbine generators. It is estimated that more than 97% of the current geothermal reservoir production is from magmatically driven reservoirs. Geothermal reservoirs may also develop outside regions of recent volcanic activity, where deeply penetrating faults allow groundwater to circulate to depths of several kilometers and become heated by the geothermal gradient [1].