chapter  3
40 Pages

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

WithBoris Mutafelija, Harvey Stromberg

This chapter provides an overview of Capability Maturity Model Integration, version 1.2 (CMMI v1.2). It discusses the architecture of the model, model components, model representations, and the characteristics of the model’s process areas (PAs). Changes from CMMI v1.1 and the effect of those changes on process improvement activities are summarized. The CMMI framework consists of the model, training materials, and appraisal methods as well as the rules and methods for generating models, training materials, and appraisal method. As a framework, CMMI is used to plan, define, implement, deploy, benchmark, and improve processes in an organization. The product suite, which contains the models, appraisal methods, and training used to support process integration and product or service improvement, defines the levels through which organizations evolve as they improve their processes. Each specific goal contains a set of specific practices that, when implemented together, describe a major portion of the PA.