chapter  4
50 Pages

ISO Standards

WithBoris Mutafelija, Harvey Stromberg

This chapter summarizes the content and structure of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards for quality management, software engineering processes, systems engineering processes, and information technology service delivery. ISO was formed in the mid-1940s with the goal of unifying international industrial standards. ISO 9000 represents a family of standards, which form a consistent, core set. ISO 9000 provides a set of common definitions used through out the family of standards and establishes a number of quality management principles that guide the other standards. The fundamental principles established in ISO 9000 are detailed in the requirements of ISO 9001, Quality management systems — Requirements. The three core standards—ISO 9000, 9001, and 9004—are supplemented by additional standards to assist in their application in specialty fields. ISO 90003 expands on the general requirements of ISO 9001 by explicitly noting the need to identify software-related processes, including development, maintenance, and operations processes.