chapter  5
82 Pages

Framework Mapping

WithBoris Mutafelija, Harvey Stromberg

This chapter shows how to use maps between several frameworks. It also shows the maps relating Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) v1.2 to each of the selected International Organization for Standardization standards. One problem that arises when developing maps between two frameworks is that the authors of each framework are not bound to follow the approaches taken by other frameworks. A good understanding of each framework is mandatory before the maps can be effectively and efficiently used. A map at a very low level results in an overwhelming number of matches, which also fail to properly illuminate framework relationships. During the direct mapping process, from the source framework to CMMI, there are times when there is a degree of uncertainty that the best fit has been found. A weak map will require a major effort to ensure compliance when implementing the framework, whereas a medium map will, in most cases, only require interpretation.