chapter  8
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Millions have lived without love. No one has lived without water.--Turkish businessman, 1 998


I N this chapter, we focus on the purpose of disinfection, on the chlorination process (because it is the most common method), and on chlorination process calculations. 8.2 DEFINITIONS

Key terms used in thj ,S chapter are defined as follows:

Disinfection the chemical or physical process used to control waterborne pathogenic organisms. Sterilization the complete killing of all living organisms. Colijorm bacteria their presence indicates the possibility of contamination. Their absence indicates the possibility that the water is potable if the source is adequate. Chlorine reaction regardless of the form of chlorine used for disinfection, the reaction in water is basically the same, so the same amount of disinfection can be expected provided the same amount of available chlorine is added to the water. Chlorine dose the amount of chlorine added to the system. Chlorine demand the amount of chlorine that is used by iron, manganese, turbidity, algae, and microorganisms in the water.