chapter  12
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Preparing for the Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) Exam

Recommendations for Exam Preparation Study the current version of the IFPUG  Counting Practices Manual. Remember to thoroughly review the counting examples. Count! The more you count, the better your chances of  achieving a passing grade. Count a variety of application types and count types  (development, application, and enhancement). A limited use of function point analysis in an organization can lead to a limited amount of the experience necessary to perform well on all parts of the exam. Read the CFPS Overview and Helpful Hints docu- ments at Consult with other exam candidates regarding their  experiences via the IFPUG website Bulletin Board. IFPUG Case Studies are available and can be used as  a study aid for both applying the rules and practicing casework. Be sure that the case studies used are applicable to the CPM version of the test that you are taking.