chapter  13
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Configuring RADIUS

RADIUS Overview While the original TACACS protocol was an open IETF standard, later enhancements by Cisco made it more of a proprietary one. RADIUS, on the other hand, is an open standard designed to provide remote access and accounting information for all kinds of network requests. RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) is an access server authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol originally developed by Livingston Enterprises, Inc. Livingston, acquired by Lucent Technologies, was a direct competitor of Cisco, making routers and remote access products. The RADIUS specification (originally RFC 2138, but made obsolete by RFC 2865 and updated by RFC 2868) is a proposed security standard and the RADIUS accounting standard (originally RFC 2139, but made obsolete by RFC 2866 and updated by RFC 2867) is informational for accounting purposes.