chapter  2
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Main Assumptions and Principles in Building Trust Systems

The rules of trust creation refer to rules and guidelines that have a far-reaching influence on the formation and development of trust. Trust building is a kind of management strategy because it is strongly focused on not only present but, first of all, future cooperation. The basic guidelines concerning trust building are characterized below (Bibb and Kourdi 2004, p. 161-167):

1. Self-trust is a critical factor in creating trust. Trust in our own possibilities is a pivotal facet. It is improbable that others

will trust in us if we do not trust ourselves. 2. Waiting until other people prove their own trustworthiness is inade-

quate (not enough). Trust is not only what is obtained when some people trust us, but we also

must trust other people. Mistrust is followed by mistrust and vice versa. 3. Trust creating and building is a very long process yet trust can be

destroyed in one moment. Building trust takes a lot of time, demands engagements, and requires many

activities; however, a single incident can strain and even destroy it. 4. You will not build trust if you treat it as a means to the target. We cannot build trust in a cynical way, because the chances of success are

small. People who succeed in trust building genuinely care for their relationships, keep promises, and value frankness and honesty.