chapter  9
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Project Control Case Studies

Drawing an analogy from the quote above, case studies are effective for telling the story of a decision environment, showing the intricacies of the decision problem, and involving the audience in the outcome. This chapter presents a collection of case studies to illustrate the pursuit of project control.

A Gage R&R analysis was performed to study measurements in a factory. The set-up was made as functional as it could be (Figure 9.1). It randomized the Œrst six parts for operator 1. When operator 1 Œnished his Œrst trial on each of the six parts, operator 2 performed his Œrst trial on the exact same parts. After operator 2 Œnished his Œrst trial, operator 1 started his second trial on the six parts in a different randomized pattern. This process continued for two trials. Both the A and B side measurements were taken, but only side B was analyzed because side A equaled side B. Six parts were used for the sample size due to availability of time and throughput of the parts. The Œrst step was a cross tabulation of the numbers of columns and rows as shown in Figure 9.2.