chapter  10
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Management Support for Project Control

Management must set the tone, example, and leadership for project execution. As the quote above suggests, management practices must be above reproach. For effective and sustainable project control, management must create an environment for continual monitoring and mentoring of tasks. Mentoring in this case relates to providing support and guidance for project execution. Management must provide leadership to take actions when needed for project control purposes. Management support is crucial for any type of project to achieve successful results. Top-down approaches are the most results oriented because people believe in changes if management believes in the changes. A deep commitment from the highest levels of management is necessary for the trust to occur. Senior management not only has to be committed, but has to drive the process throughout the entire organization, and select projects based on data-driven exercises. The traditional methods will change. The implementation strategy consists of top management support and participation, project identiŒcation, resource allocation, data-based decision making techniques, and Œnally measurement and feedback.