chapter  10
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Nanobiomaterials for Tissue Regeneration

Tissue or organ failure, resulting from traumatic or nontraumatic destruction, gives rise to a major health problem that directly affects the quality and length of a patient’s life. These circumstances often call for surgical treatments to repair, replace, maintain, or augment the functions of the affected tissue or organ, using some additional functional components to facilitate the patient’s quality of life. They have been traditionally treated with the help of tissue or organ procured from a donor site, as mentioned in Section 1.1. It may be noted that over eight million surgical procedures to treat tissue and organ failures are performed annually in the USA alone. Over 80,000 patients are still awaiting tissue and organ transplantations. In this regard, a potential solution is needed to overcome the limitations of traditional tissue transplantation methods and, at the same time, to increase the accessibility and long-time survivability of the tissue implants.