chapter  2
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Sedimentary Processes on Estuarine Mudflats: Examples of the Seine and Authie Estuaries

The macrotidal Seine estuary (maximum tidal range of 8.0 m at its mouth) is located in the northwestern part of France (Figure 2.1b). It is one of the largest estuaries on the Northwestern European continental shelf, with a catchment area of more than 79,000 km2. The mean annual Seine river flow, computed for the last 50 years, is 450 m3.s-1. Marine sand has infilled the mouth of the estuary (Avoine et al. 1981; Lesourd et al. 2003). Over the past two centuries, the Seine estuary has been greatly altered by human activity (Avoine et al. 1981; Lafite and Romaña 2001; Lesourd et al. 2001).