chapter  10
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The revolution in wireless communications has been brought about by the recent advances made in the areas of digital integrated circuits, radio frequency components and circuits, digital communications and networking techniques. Mobile communication is now the fastest growing consumer electronics segment in all parts of the world. Digital services, internet and multimedia are all becoming mobile. The last few years have seen a remarkable expansion in the use of cellular and cordless phones and other personal communication systems and, as a result, the demand for transceivers with small size, fewer off-chip components, better integration and low operating voltage has increased dramatically. According to the market research firm Dataquest, the production of wireless devices is expected to grow to over 450 million units annually by the year 2002. The opportunity for chips that process radio frequency signals alone is expected to reach $7 billion by 2002. A recent US Department of Commerce report indicates that global positioning satellite (GPS) equipment sales will reach $16 billion in 2003.