chapter  10
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Chaotic Advection

Questions related to chaotic advection go back to the nineteenth century and the

development of hydrodynamics, especially the introduction of the Navier-Stokes

equations (Claude Navier, 1821 and George Stokes, 1845). The vortex flow case

and the related forms including vortex-lines and filaments, vortex rings, vortex pairs

and vortex systems can be found in the classical book by Horace Lamb, first edited

in 1879 (Lamb, 1879). However, the formulation of a theory that partially explains

the vortex problem and gives results that coincide with the real life situations has

only been achieved in recent years, thanks to progress in computer simulations. The

introduction of terms like chaotic advection and the blinking vortex system appeared

only in last decades, in order to define and analyse specific vortex flow cases.