chapter  14
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Etude de l’e´quation de la diffusion avec croissance

de la quantite´de matie`re et son application a` un

proble`me biologique

1942 J. L. Doob The Brownian movement and stochastic equations

1942 E. Hopf Abzweigung einer periodischen Lo¨sung von einer

stationa¨ren Lo¨sung eines Differentialsystems

1942 A. Kolmogorov Interpolation and extrapolation of stationary series

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1944 L. D. Landau On the problem of turbulence

1945 M. L. Cartwright

and J. E. Little-


On nonlinear differential equations of the second


— S. O. Rice Mathematical analysis of random noise

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1948 E. Hopf A mathematical example displaying features of


— M. L. Cartwright Forced oscillations in nearly sinusoidal systems

1949 C. E. Shannon and

W. Weaver

The mathematical theory of information

1951 G. H. Markstein Experimental and theoretical studies of flame-front


Year Name Title of Publication

1952 A. L. Hodgkin and

A. F. Huxley

A quantitative description of membrane current and

its application to conduction and excitation in nerve

— A. L. Hodgkin and

A. F. Huxley

Current carried by sodium and potassium ions

through the membrane of the giant axon of loligo

1953 N. Metropolis et al. Equations of state calculations by fast computing


1954 A. N. Kolmogorov Preservation of conditionally periodic movements

with small change in the Hamiltonian function

1956 W. Feller An introduction to probability theory and its


1956 R. E. Kalman Nonlinear aspects of sample data control systems

— P. Landberg Vibrations caused by chip formation

— E. N. Lorenz Empirical orthonogal functions and statistical

weather prediction

— G. Contopoulos On the isophotes of ellipsoidal nebulae

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— P. J. Myrberg Iteration der reellen Polynome zweiten Grades

— G. Contopoulos On the vertical motions of stars in a galaxy

1959 N. N. Leonov Transformations d’une droite en elle-me`me

— A. Re´nyi On the dimension and entropy of probability


1960 R. E. Kalman A new approach to linear filtering and prediction


— N. N. Leonov Transformation ponctuelle d’une droite en elle-

me`me discontinue, line´aire par morceaux

— N. N. Leonov The´orie des transformations discontinues d’une

droite en elle-me`me

— G. Contopoulos A third integral of motion in a galaxy

1961 R. A. FitzHugh Impulses and physiological states in theoretical

models of nerve membrane

1962 P. J. Myrberg Sur l’ite´ration des polynomes re´els quadratiques

— J. Nagumo et al. An active pulse transmission line simulating nerve


1963 E. N. Lorenz Deterministic nonperiodic flow

— B. Mandelbrot The variation of certain speculative prices

Year Name Title of Publication

1964 E. N. Lorenz The problem of deducing the climate from the gov-

erning equations

— M. He´non and C.