chapter  4
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The Delay Logistic Model

Delay models are applied in a large variety of cases in many scientific fields. Con-

sequently, it is difficult to classify the particular models used and to study them sys-

tematically. In this section we start with the study of simple delay models, and then

proceed to study more complicated models. Special attention is given to the develop-

ment and presentation of the most frequently used delay models, as well as to related

extensions and new delay models of particular interest. Of major importance are the

applications of delay models in physiological systems (Glass and Pasternack, 1978;

Glass and Mackey, 1988; Glass, 1988, 1991; Glass and Zeng, 1990; de Olivera and

Malta, 1987; Cabrera and de la Rubia, 1996; Celka, 1997; Sharkovsky, 1994; Ueda

et al., 1994; Bunner, 1999).