chapter  19
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Mechanostimulation in Bone and Tendon Tissue Engineering

Defects of bone and tendon are widespread, debilitating ailments. In mild cases, the symptoms of such musculoskeletal disorders may be limited to sporadic aches and pains. When more severe, these conditions could manifest themselves as limited mobility or brittle bones, which may lead to chronic breakages or other potentially life-threatening consequences. Though treating musculoskeletal injuries is of paramount importance, currently available remedies are still ”awed. Disease and infection are associated with autografts, allografts, and xenografts. Autografts also result in donor site morbidity. The use of arti™cial materials to replace lost bone or ligament results in pain for the patient. These shortcomings have led researchers to pursue other methods to ™x damaged or failing tissues. Interest in tissue engineering and the use of bioreactors has grown to address the de™cits of current clinical practice.