chapter  1
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Safety, in my biased opinion, is the noblest of professions in this modern industrial world. I base this opinion on the fact that safety professionals are often the lone voice of reason within the management hierarchy, championing the safety of the worker in the arena of productivity that pushes for ever-increasing profits. Safety professionals work long hours, will never achieve the very top of the corporate heap and make middle of the road salaries, but own a compassion and drive to work each day to ensure that each and every worker goes home in the same condition he or she arrived in at the beginning of the day. Although many workers do not realize it, the safety professional is in the trenches each and every day fighting to improve their workplace and the quality of their work environment. This noblest of corporate warriors will lose as many of the hard-fought battles as he or she wins, but each win steadily moves the safety program one step closer to creating or maintaining the safest workplace possible for his or her employees.