chapter  Chapter 17
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Inhomogeneity-Driven Turbulence

WithAkira Yoshizawa, Sanae-I Itoh, Kimitaka Itoh

The coexistence of various inhomogeneities and a background magnetic field induces varieties of plasma turbulence. By analyzing the nonlinear dispersion relation, equation (14.50), various properties of turbulence have been analyzed as illustrated in this chapter. Fluctuations with a scale length of the ion gyroradius [11.18, 12.4, 12.5], those with a scale length of collisionless skin depth (or longer) [17.1–17.5] and those with a scale length equal to the electron gyroradius [17.6] have been considered in conjunction with anomalous transport. The relationship of modes with various length scales is given in figure 17.1. This chapter shows several examples of modes. The flux which is driven by turbulence is surveyed in chapter 18. Generation of fluid structure is discussed in chapter 19. The influence of the inhomogeneous flow (electric field in plasmas) is discussed in chapter 20.