chapter  5
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Prevention of Obesity

Timothy P. Gill University of Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Figure 1 Levels of obesity prevention. (From Ref. 9.)

Figure 2 The shifting distributions of BMI of five population groups of men and women aged 20-59 years derived from 52 surveys in 32 countries. (From Ref. 16.)

the Intersalt Study concerned with monitoring age and sex-related differences in blood pressure in 52 surveys in 32 societies throughout the world (16). This shows that in some countries there would need to be a much bigger proportion of the population being targeted. In regions such as North America and Europe, with obesity rates of 20-30%, a substantial proportion of individuals would need to be identified if the aim is not only to prevent a further increase in obesity rates, but also to ensure that the obese reduce to a BMI <30 and then are prevented from weight regain.