chapter  10
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Design Tutorial: ConŽgural Graphics for Process Control

This chapter provides a tutorial of ecological interface design for law-driven or correspondence-driven domains. The various principles of display and interface design described in previous chapters are woven into a coherent, concrete demonstration. A simple work domain from process control is modeled using the analytical tools (i.e., abstraction and aggregation hierarchies) of cognitive systems engineering (CSE). The process of translating these results into an effective representation is described. The analog, geometric forms in this interface are discussed in terms of emergent features and direct perception. The controls in the interface are discussed in terms of direct manipulation. The ways in which the interface can support decision making and problem solving are discussed in terms of skill-, rule-, and knowledge-based behaviors. Finally, the need for a triadic perspective in the design of interfaces for complex work domains is reemphasized through the discussion of alternative displays and the quality of the mappings between domain, interface, and agent that they produce.