chapter  13
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Design Tutorial: Mobile Phones and PDAs

Previous chapters have considered the de¤ning characteristics of intentdriven domains, the advantages of using spatial metaphors as a general interface design strategy for these domains, and basic issues in the design of metaphorical representations. This chapter will expand upon these issues by considering one type of handheld consumer electronic device: mobile phones. As implied by the opening quote, the focus will be on the iPhone®. Although we can only guess at the speci¤c design process that was used to develop this device, it would appear to have similarities to the cognitive systems engineering and ecological interface design approach. The iPhone’s remarkable interface clearly incorporates important principles of design that have been discussed. Illustrating these principles in the context of intentdriven domains broadens the scope of the book and complements other excellent descriptions of this category of interfaces (e.g., the BookHouse interface; Pejtersen 1992; Rasmussen, Pejtersen, and Goodstein 1994).