chapter  6
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It would be very di¤cult, if not impossible, to discuss a series of CDN enterprise models that could be associated with di‘erent types of organizations. In recognition of this fact, the author has used a di‘erent approach to the topic of this chapter. Instead of attempting to match CDN enterprise models to organizations, a better approach, in this author’s opinion, is to discuss such models in a structured order. e structured order will let readers consider one or more models that could be well suited to the operation of their organization, providing them with the ability to select the most appropriate model. As we examine di‘erent CDN enterprise models, we will commence our e‘ort by discussing simple data-center models applicable to organizationsthatoperateasingleWebsite.enwewillexaminethemore complex CDN enterprise models that are applicable for organizations capable of operating multiple data centers. For the purpose of this chapter, we will use the term data center quite loosely to describe a facility where one or more Web servers are located. To regress a bit, this author was one of the ›rst Webmasters when he con›gured a desktop computer to function as a Web server. at server operated in a regular environment, and the room in which the server was located became the author’s data center.