chapter  2
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Preparing greenhouse emission assessments: A synopsis of guidance and best professional practices

Until recently, potential consequences of US governmental activities on climate change have been all but ignored; the impacts of the actions of many other nations have fared little better. With the preponderance of scienti c evidence for climate change mounting, the best scienti c practices and information need to be made available to ensure that greenhouse gas (GHG) emission assessments are integrated into all aspects of federal planning. GHGs include emissions such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydro¥uorocarbons, per¥uorocarbons, and sulfur hexa¥uoride. Moreover, a 2007 US Supreme Court ruling held that greenhouse gases meet the Clean Air Act’s de nition of an “air pollutant” and, as such, can be regulated. This ruling has sweeping implications for industry and government entities.1