chapter  7
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Coalbed/coal mine methane

This research effort was designed to address issues in predicting and configuring adequate longwall face ventilation when face lengths are increased. One goal of this study was to predict the magnitude of the increase in the face methane emission rates due to an increase in face length. A second goal was to characterize air and methane movements along the face, as well as the influence of the mining direction of the shearer and production delays, including methane delays, on face emission rates. With respect to the methane delays, an effort was made to identify any potential patterns or causes relative to how, when, and where they occur. A final goal was to learn how significant changes in the geology, mining practices (e.g. methane drainage) and mining conditions might affect methane emission rates. Achieving the goals of the study would increase the industry’s understanding of longwall face emissions and associated ventilation issues. Ultimately, the most important outcome sought in this research project was to enhance miner safety in the underground mining environment by reducing the

frequency of hazardous accumulations of methane on longwall faces.