chapter  13
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Ventilation education and training

Australia is a country the same physical size as continental USA, but with only six states and one significantly sized continental territory. Mine safety is currently regulated at the state not federal level. There is a wide variation in legislative approaches between the states. Some states (Queensland) have specific and separate legislation for coal and metalliferous mining; some (WA) have combined legislation covering both coal and metalliferous mining; some (NSW, SA) use general “OH&S” legislation applicable to all industrial activities with supplementary specific legislation for mines whilst other states use only general OH&S legislation (Tasmania). This leads to wide variations in legislative requirements between the states, and also to wide variations in the industry background of “inspectors” with some states not having mines inspectors at all, relying on workplace health and safety inspectors who may have no mining experience. Some states have certain tasks on the mine site that are statutory appointments (such as ventilation officer); others do not. Some states have boards of examiners that issue statutory qualifications; others do not. Some individuals now have statutory appointments issued by states that have since abolished their boards of examiners which effectively renders their statutory qualification obsolete.