chapter  19
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The Symbolic Math Toolbox

What you see is a picture of where A and C differ, and another picture of which entries of A are greater than 2.

19 The Symbolic Math Toolbox The Symbolic Math Toolbox extends the numeric and graphic power of MATLAB by adding the capability of computing and manipulating symbolic mathematical expressions. The Symbolic Math Toolbox is included in the Student Version of MATLAB. Since the Symbolic Math Toolbox is not part of the Professional Version of MATLAB (by default), it may not be installed on your system, in which case this chapter will not apply. Many of the functions in the Symbolic Math Toolbox have the same names as their numeric counterparts. MATLAB selects the correct one depending on the type of inputs to the function. Typing doc eig and doc symbolic/eig displays the help for the numeric eigenvalue function and its symbolic counterpart, respectively.