chapter  3
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Selling the Concept

Have you ever saved any computer-generated information on a disk? If so, I’m sure that this exercise left you feeling secure in the knowledge that as a result of saving those data, you no longer needed to worry about losing it all if the computer crashed or if someone somehow accidentally deleted that file. Fire protection applications are very similar to using a backup disk, or hitting the “save” key. What you gain is security. The implementation of a fire loss program, or the installation of fixed fire protection, or facilitating the means for education and training are all precursors to the reduction of the risk of fire loss as well as the impact of those potential losses on continuing business operations. The reduction of risk is vital to business survival. The business owners that I have encountered who are most interested in keeping tabs on their firm’s methods of maintaining proper fire protection measures are those who have already experienced the ravaging consequences of a fire. They are the ones most aware of the fact that the cost of managing fire potential is much less before a loss has occurred, as opposed to the staggering costs following an actual fire. The concept of fire protection has already been sold to those particular people.