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Practice Paper 5: Answers

D – 13 units A unit of alcohol is defined as 10 mL of ethanol (around 8 g). It is the equivalent to the amount an adult can metabolize in one hour. The number of units per given volume of drink is calculated using the percentage of alcohol by volume (usually labelled ‘ABV’ on the container) as follows:

Number of units in given drink = volume of drink (mL) %ABV

1000 ×

The average number of units in common drinks is:

• 1 pint of beer → 2 units • 1 small (175 mL) glass of wine → 1.5 units • 1 measure (25 mL) of spirit → 1 unit

So in this scenario, this man drinks 6 units in beer, 3 units in wine and 4 units in vodka each day, totalling 13 units.