chapter  1
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- Introduction

Looking inside the products, we see that there are mechanical and electronic parts, software components, styled parts, and there is behavior that is designed for good interaction with the users. Also, the products have to perform well from a financial point of view, whether that is because they are bought from hard-saved money of a consumer or paid for by tax money. At the same time the development, production and maintenance of the systems have to be financially profitable. All these aspects are dealt with mostly by specialists: electronic, mechanic, software engineers, user interface designers, product stylers, financial experts etc. Nowadays the effect is that these products, systems as we will call them in this book, are developed by a large team –often even several teams-of people with diverse backgrounds. Communicating and working towards a common goal is not easy in such a setting. Systems engineering is a discipline that aims at coping with this by focusing on the whole.