chapter  3
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Species, Methods, and Approaches

The main emphasis of this book is on habitat, population dynamics, and metal (including the metalloids selenium and arsenic) levels in birds in Barnegat Bay, with comparisons to other estuaries along the Northeast Atlantic coast. The study spans the years 1970 to 2015 in Barnegat Bay, with data and reference from other bays. The primary species identified in this chapter are ones that we targeted for observations, monitoring, and sample collection in Barnegat Bay. We also identify a list of secondary species of ecological importance in the estuaries, including many species that are classified on state or federal lists as threatened or endangered. There is a rich literature on the colonial birds of the Massachusetts area (Nisbet and colleagues), Long Island Sound (Spendelow, Hays, and colleagues), the New York-New Jersey Harbor (Gochfeld, Parsons, Elbin, Craig, Tsipoura, and colleagues), and Chesapeake Bay (Erwin, Watts, and colleagues), and we use these data for comparative purposes. There are few breeding colonies of waterbird species in Delaware Bay; the emphasis in Delaware Bay is on populations and contaminants in migrating shorebirds (Niles, Dey, and colleagues).