chapter  3
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Diagnostic Techniques for Nitrogen Requirements in Crop Plants

The grain yield of cereals and legumes must increase continuously to feed the increasing world population to avoid malnutrition and bring stability to social order. A long-term goal for any nation must be food security, the basis of a stable society, and the foundation of national security (Allen et al., 2012). In modern agriculture, the main objectives are to maximize the yield or production per unit area and minimize the cost of production. Furthermore, preserving natural resources (land and water) and maintaining a clean environment have become important components of the crop production system around the world. A sustainable and secure food and ber production and an economically and ecological viable agriculture cannot deplete the resources or destroy the environment on which they depend (Allen et al., 2012). In conclusion, there are two main components or objectives of crop production in modern agriculture. These are maximizing crop yields without degrading natural resources (air, water, and soil).