chapter  6
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Nitrogen Interaction with Other Nutrients

Among the 17 essential plant nutrients, nitrogen plays the most important role in augmenting agricultural production and potential environmental risks and impacting human and animal health (Aulakh and Malhi, 2005). Nitrogen fertilization signicantly inuences crop yields in low-fertility soils, especially in soils having low organic matter content and low cation exchange capacity. The positive inuence of N on crop growth also inuences the uptake of other essential nutrients, known as nutrient interaction. Interactions among nutrients occur when the supply of one nutrient affects the absorption, distribution, or function of another nutrient in crop plants (Robson and Pitman, 1983). In crop production, nutrient interactions assume added signicance by affecting the crop productivity and returns from investments made by farmers in fertilizers (Aulakh and Malhi, 2005).