chapter  8
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The purpose of this chapter is to provide insight into what has been discussed in this book and to answer questions on how to proceed as a project, program, or portfolio manager. This book has taken you from the very starting point in your role in a matrix structure along the duration of the role and providing you with thought-provoking awareness about your perception from your followers. There have been case studies throughout the book to discuss a topic in greater detail, test your knowledge, and provide an example or how to apply the knowledge. This book did not cover every topic in the greatest detail level it could, but provides throughout a base and solid understanding of working in a matrix structure. There are many differences than in the classical hierarchical structure and indeed there is much to learn. Without this book you could make common mistakes and run into pitfalls and shortcomings that should certainly be avoided. The summary checklist at the end of each chapter provided the most critical aspects of the chapter to your attention.