chapter  5
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Interdependence: Renaissance of Multifaceted Convergence

Commoditization to innovation: ushering a transition from tangibility to perceptibility, like shifting sands through the dawn of the information age.

The escalation of information spans all facets of human existence, from personal to professional. Entertainment, lifestyles, and business are among the arenas of information creation and dissemination. Information has been a central theme in human endeavor through the passages of history and civilization. It has shaped and molded the course of individuals, societies, and cultures around the world-a common vein pulsating through the colors and costumes of people and places separated in time and space. The spread of information on a global scale continues through the early conquests, trades, and wanderings that brought together disparate ideas and beliefs. Although history reveals both tranquility and turbulence during periods of information dissemination, in the aggregate, the distribution of information has largely been beneficial in the promotion of thought, creativity, and innovation. Through the cycles of conflict and calm, the widespread availability and adaptation of information continue to embellish lifestyles on an expanding scale, with global scope, diminishing a plethora of social, economic, geographic, political, cultural, linguistic, and religious barriers.