chapter  11
Anatomy and Physiology
Pages 38

The subjects of anatomy and physiology make such convenient and logical associates that they are combined as a package in this chapter, along with the currently hot topics of neurobiology and endocrinology. Anatomy is a ‘‘the study of the structure of living organisms, especially of their internal parts by means of dissection and microscopical examination.’’ The same source interprets ‘‘physiology’’ as the ‘‘branch of biology concerned with the vital functions of plants and animals, such as nutrition, respiration, reproduction and excretion.’’ (Oxford Dictionary of Biology, 4th ed., 2000). Neurobiology is the study of the nervous system. This chapter includes primarily human anatomy and physiology: plants and animals are discussed in Chapter 10, ‘‘Plant Biology’’ and Chapter 13, ‘‘Zoology.’’ Although a few medical titles are included, emphasis in this chapter is on the biological sciences rather than the behavioral or clinical.