chapter  3
General Sources
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This chapter describes selected sources that are relevant to biology in general, with no attempt to be comprehensive. These titles were chosen as especially appropriate for undergraduates needing an introduction to the field, or for anyone requiring sources covering the broad spectrum of the biological sciences. In addition, we have added a number of resources that are useful for new graduate students, including books on how to fit in to a lab, how to publish a paper, and so on. Knowledge of most of the publications annotated in this chapter is helpful in effectively utilizing the more specialized chapters that follow. Arrangement is by topic, presenting publications that acquaint readers to the field of biology from the viewpoint of the history of the life sciences, mathematical and statistical sources, and pertinent techniques, just to name a few of the sections that follow. These general sources may be used as a base upon which to expand or define more specific subjects, to open up the literature as a beginning, not an end.