chapter  8
Microbiology and Immunology
Pages 38

This chapter includes reference sources useful for microbiology and immunology. Microbiology is ‘‘the scientific study of microorganisms (e.g., bacteria, viruses and fungi).’’ For purposes of this discussion, however, fungi such as yeasts are included with plant biology in Chapter 10, ‘‘Plant Biology.’’ Immunology is the study of immunity, ‘‘the state of relative insusceptibility of an animal to infection by disease-producing organisms.’’ (Oxford Dictionary of Biology, 4th ed, 2000) Because microbial systems are convenient and effective for studying a whole range of life processes, there is a significant overlap between this chapter and Chapters 5 through 7, covering biochemistry and biophysics, molecular and cell biology, and genetics, respectively. Although medical microbiology and immunology are not comprehensively discussed in this chapter, some basic materials are included that pertain to the study of pathogenic microbiology and diagnostic immunology.