chapter  7
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Inventory and Valuation

Frame 2 Royal Russell Printing Press with Bank Horse and Inking Frame 2 Royal Stanhope Printing Press with Bank Horse and Inking


1 Royal Albion Printing Press with Bank Horse and Inking Frame 1 Fixed Table for Ink 2 Paper Bulks 1 Table with Drawers Sundry Shelves 1 Hydraulic Press with 10” Ram 16 Iron Plates 1 Bed 16 Mahogany Pressing Boards 180 Gross Glazed Boards (old) A Small Hydraulic Press (imperfect) 1 Double Form Rack 1 Random Galley Sundry Shelves & Stools Fitting of one Reading Closet & Glass Enclosure Lead Platform of Wetting Stage sides lined with Lead, Cistern,

Trough & Stages 2534 feet Poling & Bearers throughout the Houses The Gathering Boards & Supports in Warehouse 3 Warehouse Tables Sundry Shelves Pair of Steps Cutting Press & Plough, Shaving Tub & Knife, &c. Loose Arnott Stove 2 Small Tables Closet with folding Doors & Brackets 12 Paper Stands Loose Board as Slides 3 Nests of Shelves in Stereotype Room 1 Letter Closet & Door 4 Old Inking Tables 1 Bulk Lead Sink & Wetting Trough Supply Pipes, Force Pump, 18

Wetting Boards, 1 Bulk, 1 Step Ladder, Fall down Boards A Bookcase with Deal Doors & Shelves Library Table Sundry Shelves Mahogany Wash hand Stand Journal Room

Range of Bookshelves 11 feet Nest of Pigeon Holes 2 Tiers of Shelves 4 feet each

Deal Closet with folding Doors

Writing Table & Drawers

Reading Closet

The fittings of 3 Closets with Desks, Shelves, Glazed Partition & Doors complete

Editor’s Room

Mahogany Bookcase with Drawers & Glazed Doors Deal Bookcase with Drawers & Glazed Doors Writing Table, Library Table, Deal Table, 6 Cane bottomed

Chairs, Small Glass & Frame, Deal Steps, Fender & Fire Irons General Counting House

Mahogany 2 Flap Desk Single Desk & Enclosure with dwarf Framing A strong Iron Closet with folding doors, Lock & Key A Deal Closet with Shelves, Mahogany Table, Mahogany Reading

Table Umbrella Stand, Cloak [?], 2 Stools 2 Chairs 9 Prints &

Frames Mr Taylor’s Room

A Knee Hole Writing Desk with Drawers Mahogany Bookcase with 16 Drawers 8 feet long Mahogany Book Shelves with doors, linen Panels 10 feet long A Deal Enclosure forming 3 Closets An Iron Safe built into Wall, Two Doors Locks & Key An Oval Glass & Frame, Writing Table, 4 Chairs, 1 Pair Steps, 24

Prints in Frames, 1 Inkstand, 1 Candlestick, Letter Scales, Paper Weights, Small Letter Press

Publishing Office

Mahogany 1 Flap Desk on Stand Mahogany Top Counter & Flaps Skeleton Racks, forming Bookshelves, Nest Pigeon Holes &

Sundry Shelves, A Bulk, A Table, 2 Chairs, 1 Stool, 1 Deal

Desk 508 1bs Old Copper Plates Type comprising Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Saxon, Scrip, Blacks,

Nonpareil, Brevier, Bourgeois, Long Primer, Small Pica, Pica, English, Capitals, Figures & Miscellaneous sorts with Leads of various Lengths weighing 72,375 ils

White and Printed Paper Books

123 Reams being oddments various sizes white Paper 600 Copies Philosophical Magazine 600 ditto Magazine Natural History 400 Faraday’s Experimental Researches on Electricity 3000 Belville on The Barometer 90 Griffith on Urine 430 Daubeny [on Volcanoes] 1584 assorted Volumes of Books 8vo & 12mo 210 assorted Volumes of Books 4to & folio 49 Cut Waste Paper

I value the foregoing Printing Materials, Printed Stock Paper and other Effects at the sum of Three thousand six hundred and sixty two Pounds and nine shillings.