chapter  17
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Computer Codes and Validation

Most of the severe accidents cannot be experimentally simulated in a real scale mainly due to several safety aspects that need to be taken care of. Hence, traditionally, numerical simulations are inevitable in all the phases of safety analysis, starting from the initiating event. The analysis requirements are derived from the safety criteria defined for a specific SFR. In this chapter, a few computer codes widely used for safety analysis as well as sodium fire studies are highlighted in this chapter. Apart from these, some salient numerical results of unprotected loss of flow accident (ULOFA) analysis performed through an international benchmark on a Russian reactor (BN-800) under the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) framework are presented. The purpose of this chapter is to expose the readers a few important codes and modes of validations. It is difficult to provide a complete spectrum of several codes and validation studies performed by various countries. However, extensive literature is listed, and further, more details provided on a system of computer codes employed for the safety analysis of Indian SFR prototype fast breeder reactor (PFBR) are presented as a case study.