chapter  34
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Operator Training Simulators for Fast Breeder Reactors

Operational safety is of utmost importance for any nuclear power plant. A well-trained operator is an asset for any nuclear plant. Hence, operator training plays an important role for the safe operation of the reactor in both normal and abnormal conditions. It is achieved by providing comprehensive training to the operators in all states of the plant operation: reactor in shutdown condition, start-up of reactor, reactor in operation, start-up of fuel handling, and reactor in fuel-handling state. Though class room training is important, a comprehensive hands-on training can be provided only through full-scope, replica-type operator training simulators (OPTS). This training is given not only to new operators, but also on a periodic basis to the qualified operators as a refresher course to maintain their skills at peak levels. The high operating safety and high efficiency record of the nuclear power stations in several countries are largely due to high-quality training imparted to operating staff through computer-based OPTS.