chapter  15
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Perspectives of an IACUC Chair

An effective IACUC chair is critical to the success of the committee. The chair represents the IACUC when interacting with the research community, the IO, and other entities such as regulatory and accrediting bodies and, depending on the institution, the general public. As the spokesperson for the IACUC, the chair must be able to explain and defend the IACUC’s policies, positions, and decisions. In general, desirable characteristics and skill sets for an IACUC chair include: a general knowledge of regulations and science, prior experience conducting animal-based research, an advocate for both animal welfare and good science, sufficient seniority to be comfortable discussing issues with senior-level personnel, excellent written and verbal communication skills, an ability to maintain confidentiality, a willingness to understand and appreciate different perspectives, patience, flexibility, and someone who is respected by the research community and other stakeholders.