chapter  1
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Introduction to the IACUC: Its Purpose and Function

It can be reasonably intuited that most of you did not randomly choose this book as a possible bit of bedtime reading just because the title was so catchy. That leaves the likely conclusion that you are reading this book because you already have some sort of interest in or involvement with an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, commonly referred to as an IACUC (pronounced ’ī-ə-ku’k). There are many types of individuals who may play a role in the Animal Care and Use Program (ACUP), and myriad routes by which they came to that role, so the purpose and function of the IACUC will be addressed first. Later chapters will discuss specific IACUC responsibilities in more detail, and by the end of the book you will know everything you need to know about the care and feeding of an IACUC.