chapter  2
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Stress–strain State Of A Sandwich Thick-walled Pipe With Regard To Change Of Physico-chemical Properties Of The Material

We investigate the strength problem of a sufficiently long sandwich pipe with regard to physico-chemical properties of the layers, that arise when contacting with corrosive medium. Each layer is assumed to be piecewise homogeneous with mechanical properties ( )nn λ∑ , ( )n nν λ , ( )n nG λ and physico-chemical changes nλ , nα , ( )n nφ λ , ( )n nψ λ , ( )n nη λ . Let the pipe consist of ( 1)N − piecewise homogeneous layers and ( )N boundary surfaces. Let the sandwich pipe be under the action of axial tensile strength P , of internal ap and external bp pressures. The goal of paper is to determine the stress and strain quantities in layers and also contact stresses between the layers that determine adhesive strength depending both on external forces and on degree of change of physico-chemical properties of layers, that is on nλ , nα , )( nn λϕ , )( nn λψ , )( nn λη , and also on the effect of thrust mass forces arising in layers of the sandwich pipe. Problem is solved under total cohesion between the layers (Aliyev, 1995, 1998, 2012, , 2012).